Destilator is here to pour inspiring ideas and practical solutions into society.
To make good changes, big and small.

Our cauldron is passionately heated over the fire of practical and original ideas which save piles of perfectly useful waste from ending in landfills and reduce the use of resources and production of new materials.
Our products are of high quality and durable, made in Slovenia either as a one-of-a-kind product or in small quantities. The manufacture is based on the principles of equitable production and there is a lot of manual work, traditional knowledge and love for detail invested in them.
We make shoes, clothes, accessories, furniture and interior furnishings.

Walk the talk Shoes

Walk the talk Shoes 1024 683 Maja

These shoes were made to be your favourite. They leave positive impressions and imprints behind. On nature and on society.…

We love to share our experiences and applicable knowledge on upcycling, handcrafting and sustainable design, by giving lectures and courses, organising workshops, counselling and joining various projects which help to enhance society’s awareness and pro-active stance.
We design business, promotional and ceremonial gifts out of discarded office supplies or furnishings, out of leftover factory materials or out of leftovers from past promotional campaigns.

We hide nothing – except dusty corners, dirty dishes and unaesthetic piles of stuff which we usually hide behind the camera. Ok, we also keep for ourselves an innovative trick or two.
Otherwise, we appreciate openness. And personal stories. So, go ahead, we give you a chance here to look behind the curtain, to evoke memories and have a little chat with us.

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable ways of living, working and manufacturing. Because we believe this is the most right and sensible thing to do.
We love researching, testing, inventig to find more suitable, sustainable, ethical solutions and products for our daily wants and needs. And we love to get dirty in the process.
Destilator has been steamed up by Maja Modrijan. She is the project leader and in charge of the Destilator’s sustainable design.

Drops in the ocean.
Drops that trigger waves.