We love throwaways!

When you move, spring-clean yor home or take a vow to get rid of things you don’t need,  give us a pleasure to catch some of your things before they land in the garbage can.  We will squeeze out of them at least one more useful travel in a different shape and usage with new owners.

The throwaways from the list below can be handed over to us (by agreement) in person, sent by mail or left at one of the collecting spots:
Galerija Lokalc / Tic Postojna (Trg padlih borcev 5)

The Wish List:
Used trousers and other canvas clothes (100 % cotton, hemp or flax)
Old tablecloths, lace, bed sheets, embroidered textiles, old fabrics …
Curtains (transparent and with patterns are preferred)
Needlepoints (finished, half-finished, not even attempted to be stitched)
Clothing labels (brand, fiber composition or care/treatment labels)
Shoelaces (with no mileage, don’t need to be married, can be single)
Broken umbrellas (which still have beautiful and well-preserved fabric)
Promotional rubber canvas banners (from the penguin banner stands)
Old window frames (wooden, with handles and hindges)
Surprise (Tell us what you want to give away, maybe we don’t know yet that we need it.)