Destilator is here to pour inspiring ideas and practical solutions into society. Drop by drop, poured through an ethical-ecological filter in order to make changes, big and small.
For better or for better.
We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable ways of living, working and manufacturing. Because we believe this is the most right and sensible thing to do.
We love researching, testing, inventing to find more suitable, sustainable, ethical solutions and products for our daily wants and needs. And we love to get dirty in the process.
Some projects are carried out in collaboration with different companies, organisations and individuals with whom we share our principles, character traits and/or the sense of humour.

Destilator has been steamed up by Maja Modrijan. She is the project leader and in charge of the Destilator’s sustainable design. To some she is known as a person who always carries a wooden spoon and a mug in her bag, to others as a person who did her last shopping for clothes in 2001. Since then, she has been wearing either second-hand clothes or the ones she makes herself out of discarded clothes.

Beside the work she has chosen, following her principles and her curious and exploring mind, she is as much far from staying indifferent to taking photos of the laundry flapping in the wind and visiting ethnological museums and flea markets.
A pile of discarded stuff by the road equals stop sign for her.